At East Bay Children’s Dentistry, we are strong believers in prevention. We advocate great oral hygiene that will set your child up for a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles. We focus on routine checkups and cleanings to help keep your child up to speed with their oral health and encourage them to develop healthy hygiene and diet habits. We always try to come up with new and innovative ways to help make brushing and flossing more fun for children. We always make sure to include the parents as well. 

When it comes to little ones, you know your child best and will be able to determine when they are ready for independent tooth brushing. It’s never “too late” to let them take over. Make sure they are diligent and understand the importance of brushing and flossing before you let them do it without supervision. Per our experience, allowing your child to brush for you will give them the understanding to allow you to brush for them as well. Brush one or two teeth at a time at a 45-degree angle to make sure you get the entire surface area clean.

And remember, we are always here for you. Call or email us if you have any questions, about anything. We would love to help.